H5P is a fantastic way to incorporate simple interactive elearning quickly and easily. It’s a good way to promote engagement and encourage users to reflect on course materials.

The course presentation elements on this page demonstrate one type of H5P media. Try clicking through the slides in both examples to see how presentation media can be incorporated on your site. Also note that H5P is fully responsive and doesn’t require any special software to work on learner devices. Note that H5P content doesn’t talk to LearnDash out of the box (i.e., completing an H5P activity can’t trigger lesson and topic completions). However, if you’d like to fully integrate H5P content with LearnDash, you can use our Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin that can automatically trigger lesson or topic completion upon completion of embedded H5P content.

The first example is quite interactive, whereas the second example demonstrates a really easy way to incorporate PowerPoint slides (this took under 5 minutes) where interactive elements might be overlayed on top.