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Roberts, WI Level 6/7 May 13-14, 2024 IH

Jerry's Towing 644 Starr Lane, Roberts, WI, United States

Learn the skills to safely and efficiently manage the most complicated scenarios, recover the heaviest casualties and impress the most demanding teams on-scene. Are you the go-to operator for your […]

Heath, Ohio Level 4/5 June 3-4 2024

Jae's Towing 1697 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH, United States

Level 4/5: Advanced Techniques gives you the skills needed to tackle medium and heavy-duty jobs the first time, every time. No more near misses or failed attempts. If you’ve taken the WreckMaster Level 2/3: Fundamentals course and you want to be able to tow and recover in even more complicated and potentially dangerous scenarios, the […]

Louisville, KY Rotator July 20-21, 2024

Tony's Wrecker Service 3311 Collins Lane, Louisville, KY, United States

Do you know how to calculate the safe distance to an overhead wire or underground gas line? How close your rotator can safely get to the edge of a 23-foot deep hole? How much cribbing is required under your outrigger legs to compensate for a 50,000 pound load? This 2 day course teaches you everything […]

Louisville, KY Level 8/9 (No Rotator) October 18-20, 2024

Tony's Wrecker Service 3311 Collins Lane, Louisville, KY, United States

The program pushes the limits of both people and equipment, taking participants from having a specialized toolbox of skills to embodying a way of life. Through demanding in-class and hands-on exploration of the toughest, most dangerous and unusual situations, participants practice their advanced math, sharpen their critical thinking, and enhance their leadership. As a team […]