$1,217.20 CAD

* Multi-student discount available of enrollment of more than 2 students.


The program pushes the limits of both people and equipment, taking participants from having a specialized toolbox of skills to embodying a way of life.

Through demanding in-class and hands-on exploration of the toughest, most dangerous and unusual situations, participants practice their advanced math, sharpen their critical thinking, and enhance their leadership. As a team with their instructors, they refine best practices and advance the industry. At the end of the five days, they are more successful professionals, better people and part of an elite brotherhood for life.


Duration: 3 days

Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Price: $1,217.20 CAD

*At times a rotator course is added to the class.  An additional $1,081.20 will be charged, for a total tuition price of $2,298.40 CAD.


Learn how to:

  • Stay safe on scene
  • Turn your truck’s boom and wire into a bridle
  • Use load angle multiplication to clothesline
  • Stay within your ratings at all times
  • Manage complex and dangerous incidents safely and efficiently
  • Use a rotator safely and effectively
  • Deck and undeck a trailer
  • End roll a loaded tanker
  • Front, rear and side winch trucks and tractor-trailers
  • Perform a single lane parallel upright of a tractor with two trailers

All attendees receive a Level 8/9 training package with workbook.


There are no prerequisites to attend WreckMaster Training.  That being said, there is a ton of information covered in level of training. It would be beneficial to attend the levels in order if acceleration to ensure you can keep up with the class.


Each student is responsible for transportation to and from class. As well transportation to and from the hotel.

Each student is responsible for finding their own hotel or accommodation.


Students must be registered through WreckMaster.com and full payment must be received before the start of class. To avoid any hiccups, please ensure that this is done by registering through WreckMaster.com.


Students who registered for a hands-on class will receive a printed version of the workbook at the class.


Please bring a calculator, a notepad and pen. Hands-on portion will be rain or shine so please dress appropriately.


This course is eligible for certification. It is considered a T.R.O.C.P. Level 1 certification.

The Towing & Recovery Operator Certification Program™ (TROCP™) is a national certification program for towing operators developed by two of the industry’s top certification bodies: WreckMaster and Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc. (TRAA).

For more information on getting certified, please visit: towcert.com

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