$557.25 CAD

* Multi-student discount available of enrollment of more than 2 students.

* Early bird special applied to a purchased class 30 days or more before class start date.


Level 4/5: Advanced Techniques gives you the skills needed to tackle medium and heavy-duty jobs the first time, every time. No more near misses or failed attempts.

If you’ve taken the WreckMaster Level 2/3: Fundamentals course and you want to be able to tow and recover in even more complicated and potentially dangerous scenarios, the Level 4/5: Advanced Techniques course is for you.

It’s an especially good fit for company owners, trainers and organizations that work with or train fire and rescue personnel


Duration: 2 days

Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Price: $495.00 USD

Learn how to:

» Stay safe on scene
» Use advanced towing hook-ups
» Calculate your truck’s lifting capacity
» Rig for a vertical lift
» Anchor your tow truck or carrier
» Tow and recover heavier weight classes
» Upright cars in complex scenarios
» Upright tractor-trailers using single lane parallel methods
» Work effectively on scene with a recovery team
» Improve employee relations and keep customers happy

All attendees receive a Level 4/5: Advanced Techniques training package with workbook.


See the Level 4/5 Curriculum 


This online course is perfect for tow operators with some experience who would like to learn to work more safely and efficiently. Experienced tow operators looking to confirm their existing practices and pick up some tips will also benefit.


There are no prerequisites to attend WreckMaster Training.  That being said, there is a ton of information covered in level of training. It would be beneficial to attend the levels in order if acceleration to ensure you can keep up with the class.


Each student is responsible for transportation to and from class. As well transportation to and from the hotel.

Each student is responsible for finding their own hotel or accommodation.


Students must be registered through WreckMaster.com and full payment must be received before the start of class. To avoid any hiccups, please ensure that this is done by registering through WreckMaster.com.


Students who registered for a hands-on class will receive a printed version of the workbook at the class.


Please bring a calculator, a notepad and pen. Hands-on portion will be rain or shine so please dress appropriately.


This course is eligible for certification. It is considered a T.R.O.C.P. Level 1 certification.

The Towing & Recovery Operator Certification Program™ (TROCP™) is a national certification program for towing operators developed by two of the industry’s top certification bodies: WreckMaster and Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc. (TRAA).

For more information on getting certified, please visit: towcert.com

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