Terry Sheet Submitted by(Required)
Enter the first and last name of the person submitting the Terry Sheet.
Enter the email address of the person submitting the Terry Sheet.
Enter the phone number of the person submitting the Terry Sheet.
Select the level of training being requested.
Class Settings(Required)
Select the training delivery method being requested.
Digital Workbook Access(Required)
This should match the workbooks that will be distributed at the class.
Select the total training hours for the training that is being requested.
Select the minimum number of student registrations for the training class.
Select the maximum number of student registrations for the training class.
Enter the tentative class date you are requesting.
Enter the city and state you wish to have displayed on any advertising for the training class.
Enter the host company name you are working with to host this training event.
Name of Host Contact(Required)
Enter the host company contact name WreckMaster can contact to discuss class details.
Host Street Address(Required)
Enter the host company's address. If the host company's main address is different from where the hands-on portion of the class will take place, please indicate in the not section below.
Enter the host company's phone number.
Enter the host's contact email address.
Enter the name of the location for the classroom portion of the training class.
Is the classroom being held at the Host location listed above?
Classroom Address
Enter the address of the classroom location if different from the host location.
Enter the phone number for the classroom location.
Is the hotel address the same as the classroom address?(Required)
Enter the hotel location you have selected that is in the local area of the class. Please note this info is not provided in any advertising that will be sent for the class.
Hotel Address
Enter the hotel phone number.
Lead Instructors(Required)
Please enter the lead instructor for the class. If a class has more than one lead instructor please indicate in the notes section below.
Field Instructors
Please enter the name if the class has a field instructor. If no field instructor is needed please leave it blank. if the class has more than one field instructor please add the additional name to the notes section below.
Association Class?(Required)
Please select if this is an association class.
Please indicate if there is a discount associated with the class. The early bird discount is associated with all public classes. If no additional discount applies please leave it blank.
Add any additional notes for the class.

Administrative Section

The section is only to be filled out by an approved WreckMaster Administrator
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